Disturbed Unleashes 'Immortalized' After a Five-Year Absence

Disturbed Unleashes ‘Immortalized’ After a Five-Year Absence

Adam Flores | Contributing Writer

Courtesy Reprise Records

Chicago’s masters of metal, Disturbed, have unleashed another sonic assault on the senses with “Immortalized,” the group’s sixth studio album. Released on August 21, this is the band’s first compilation after a five-year hiatus since the release of “Asylum” in 2010.

“Immortalized” has defined the comeback of Disturbed. It debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200. According to BlabberMouth.net, the band is only the third to attain five consecutive No. 1 studio albums. They are in the elite company of fellow musicians Metallica (five) and Dave Matthews Band (six). Disturbed’s debut release in 2000, titled “The Sickness,” was their only album to miss the top spot and peaked at No. 29.

The band, made up of John Moyer on bass and backing vocals, drummer Mike Wengren, guitarist and backing vocalist Dan Donegan, and lead vocalist David Draiman deliver hard punching rock rhythms, razor sharp guitar riffs and defining melodies track after track.

With the addition of occasional synth textures, keyboards, and electronic beats, they have continued a formula to please metalheads across a wide range from heavy metal and hard rock to nu and alternative metal.

Along with the release of their new music video, “The Vengeful One” and the official lyric video for the title track, “Immortalized,” other tracks such as “Open Your Eyes” and “What Are You Waiting For” sum up the massive, thundering sound Disturbed is known for.

The band is known for their tasteful metal arrangements of classic songs such as Genesis’s “Land of Confusion” from their 2005 release, “Ten Thousand Fists.” “Immortalized” serves up a stirring remake of the Simon & Garfunkel 1965 classic, “The Sound of Silence.” The haunting piano and vocal intro gives way to anthemic rhythm section work accompanied by an orchestral ensemble that delivers the message to a climactic highpoint lead by Draiman’s dramatic vocals.

The day that “Immortalized” was released, Disturbed treated their fans to a special live show, their first in four years, at the House of Blues in their hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Scattered in their set list were four songs from the new album and the song, “Hell,” a b-side from their single, “Stricken,” off their 2005 release, “Ten Thousand Fists.”

In an interview with Revolver magazine’s Chris Enriquez, the Disturbed frontman claimed he had trouble with his early ideas and contribution to the new record.

“I can be very helpful to other people, when it’s someone else’s work and I can look at it completely objectively, but when it’s mine, it’s really hard to remove myself from the equation,” Draiman said.

The answer to his problem was for the band to physically come together during the songwriting process.

“After years and years of relying on technology and sending music files back and forth across the country, it was nice to have it just be human and real and organic, and to have that instant reaction,” Draiman said.

Fans will be happy to discover the return of “The Guy,” Disturbed’s official mascot. As portrayed in the new “The Vengeful One” music video, “The Guy” is seen unleashing his fury on big business and capitalism that dominates society claiming, “I am the hand of God, I am the dark messiah, I am the vengeful one,” in the song’s lyrics.

Watch for Disturbed to hit the road in 2016 on their North American tour. “Immortalized” is sure to bring new fan favorites to their live set alongside their classic material.

The only Virginia date on their tour schedule is March 30, 2016 at The National in Richmond. In the meantime, get your copy of “Immortalized” and echo the anthems of one of rock’s best acts.